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Infection Control

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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact infrared technology

Easy to use – simply point and click

Records up to 32 previous readings

Dual mode – Body and object surface temperatures

Backlit LCD display with Smart User Interface

Fast and accurate

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iBrite® Advanced Moisturizing Gel Hand Sanitizer

Formulated with 70% ethanol to help reduce most bacteria and viruses on the skin

Included moisturizers designed to keep hands soft and hydrated

Convenient squeeze bottle allows fast and easy hand sanitizing anywhere

Hypoallergenic and fragrance free

Recommended for repeated use

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iMask™ Premium Ear-loop Face Masks ASTM Level2

Ultrasonic welded ear-loop straps (no staples)

Low breathing resistance

Fluid resistant

Adjusts to all facial contours

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Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Suit

Medical-grade fabric provides excellent breathability, one-way ventilation, and particle filtration

Elastic waist, ankles, and wrists for exceptional freedom of movement and maximum convenience

Available in various sizes

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iWear Plus UltraLight Disposable Eyewear

Ultra light-weight frames (7.0g) with optional nose support and fog-resistant plastic lenses that provide superior optical clarity.

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iVisor™ Visor & Shield Kit

Light-weight visor with fog-resistant and easy-to-install disposable barrier shield. The reusable shield provides excellent optical clarity.

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iShield™ Disposable Face Shield

Lightweight, comfortable disposable face shield that provides full-face protection against body fluids

Anti-fog coating eliminates manual condensation removal and allows superior optical clarity at all times

Non-latex band offers a tight fit without any pressure points

Designed for prolonged use

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Armor ™ Air/Water Syringe Tip & Sleeve Combo

Armor combines tip and sleeve placement into a single step for fast and easy infection control. The ergonomically designed syringe-tip-sleeve system features a quad air-core tip to provide precise and reliable delivery of air/water and a textured sleeve with a no-slip fit that always stays in place.

Disposable Barrier Sleeves

Disposable sleeves made with special copolymer plastic that easily slide over equipments. Provides affordable protection from infectious aerosols and minimizes time spent on cleaning. The paper-backed sleeves provide superior patient comfort and are particularly easy to use

Autoclavable Silicon Napkin Holder

Medical-grade silicone with non-slip design, fully autoclavable up to 275ºF, 100% latex-free.

Mouth Guard, Splint and Bleaching Tray Material

Superior shock absorption

Excellent tensile strength and softness

High compressive strength

Uniform density


Non-woven sponges


Heat Sealers

Quality UL listed heat sealer with adjustable temperature. Available in 2 sizes: 11.8” and 7.9”.

TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/Water Syringe Tip

Guaranteed dry air with no moisture contamination

Stainless steel interior, clear plastic exterior

Interchangeable with most tips with no conversion

Snug locking fit

NeoTip™ Air/Water Syringe Tip

Inner tube does not move under pressure

Designed for snug locking fit

Beveled edge improves patient comfort

Interchangeable with most tips with no conversion

Quad air-core design with separate air and conversation