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Elements™ Bite Registration

Low resistance consistency allows natural movement of the jaw

Excellent hardness prevents distortion in disposable trays

Thixotropic formula stays in place and will not drip, run or sag

Excellent readability

Variable setting times

Elements™ VPS Impression

No distortion under dimensional change or temporary deformation

Detailed and precise replications without voids or gaps

Hydrophilicity lasts throughout the total working time

Wide selection of setting times and viscosities

Type O Putty

Excellent detail reproduction

Pliable consistency

Ultra high viscosity

High tear strength

Blends quickly & easily

Easy removal from the patient’s mouth

iMix® Impression Gun

Release lever and plunger are coordinated simultaneously to load and remove the cartridge
Works with 1:1 and 2:1 cartridges

Impression Gun Holders

Stay organized with these Impression gunholders, fitting either 2 or 4 guns.

Dynamic Mixer for Pentamix™ 1 & 2

Dynamic mixer designed for Pentamix 1 & 2. Comparable to 3M’s “Penta Mixer, Red”.

HP Mixing Tips

High performance mixing tips, various available sizes/colors for different mixing needs.

Opti-Tray Disposable Impression Trays

Strong, rigid,distortion-free construction
Anatomically designed
Smooth edges for comfort
Excellent retention for impression materials
Latex-free cups

Disposable Impression Syringe

Adjustable, flexible tip: easily bent or cut
Smooth edges for consistent material flow
Leak-free preparation
Great leverage and non-slip control

Aluminum Temp C&B Tray

Universal disposable aluminum temporary crown and bridge trays.

Impression Cartridges Connector

HP cartridges connector to transfer unused leftover materials from one cartridge to another.

iMix® Static/Dynamic Mixer

Designed for 3M Pentamix 2 and 3

No bleeding necessary, eliminating material waste
Reduce bubbles & save materials
Compatible with most dynamic mix cartridges

iMesh™ Impression Tray

Ergonomic handles for easy seating and removal
Anatomical design for maximum comfort
Quicker cementing requiring fewer adjustments
Less chair time, impression material and corrections
Thin, non-tear mesh for superior strength and maximizes intercuspation of the teeth to ensure an accurate bite

S-Dispenser II Impression Dispensing Gun

Medical-grade instrument

Self explaining handling, outstanding ergonomics

Fatigue-free usage with precise delivery, even with high viscosity materials

Colibri Mixer with Needle

High process safety
All parts can be steam sterilized in the autoclave
No risk of needle chipping off
Time saving