iBrite® Cleaning & Whitening Foam

iBrite® Cleaning & Whitening Foam
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    iBrite Cleaning & Whitening Foam is specially designed to clean orthodontic aligners and Invisalign retainers. The foam with whitening agents can gently brighten teeth with little to no sensitivity. iBrite Cleaning & Whitening Foam can be used in the mouth (while the patient is wearing the aligners), or outside the mouth (while aligners are in their case).

    ● Cleans Invisalign aligners and clear retainers
    ● Removes aligner build-up and freshens breath
    ● Gently whitens teeth with little to no sensitivity
    ● Kills common oral bacteria adhering to teeth and aligners
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  • IB-FM Kit: Cleaning & Whitening foam 50ml

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