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Autoclavable Endo Aid Kit & Refills

Made of autoclavable materials

One-finger-held organizer with ruler ensures convenience

Effectively organizes endodontic files

PacEndo™ Pre-Filled Endodontic Irrigation Kit

PacEndo™ Pre-Filled Endodontic irrigation kit provides safety and convenience to achieve the best outcome in root canal cleaning.

PacEndo™ Irrigation Refill Station

Simple, convenient way to fill syringes with multiple solutions.

Easily manage different solutions.

Easy way to organize and identify syringes.

Irrigation Needle Tips

Bendable needle 1" monoject style (notched) needle tips, color coded for easy identification of 23, 27, or 30 Ga. Each package contains 100 tips.

MTA Carrier

Reduce waste of MTA material

Saves time by eliminating instrument cleaning

Delivers MTA directly to the apex of the root canal

Use for a broad range of clinical MTA application

H Files Hand Files

Made of high quality NiTi Alloy / medical grade Stainless Steel

Good Flexibility and fracture resistance

High cutting efficiency

Sterilization upto 180 ºC

6 files per box, available in single or assorted sizes