Dual-Barrel Syringe with Mixing Tip

Dual-Barrel Syringe with Mixing Tip
Product Details
    A new patented dual-barrel syringe mixing system designed for effortless manual mixing and dispensing of 2-component materials. The separated barrels of the syringe and the unique over-molded soft plastic material located inside the sealing insert effectively prevent cross-contamination of the two components. The system is suitable for any dental application that require 2 components to mix and accurate dispensing. The polypropylene syringes are available in 5 ml capacity, and in 1:1 and 4:1 ratios.
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  • PD-501C Type: 1:1 Dual-barrel syringe, Clear, 100/pk
  • PD-501B Type: 1:1 Dual-barrel syringe, Black, 100/pk
  • PD-504C Type: 4:1 Dual-barrel syringe, Clear, 100/pk
  • PD-504B Type: 4:1 Dual-barrel syringe, Black, 100/pk
  • PD-210-1 Type: 1:1 Clear (blue inside) mixing tip, 48/pk
  • PD-210-4 Type: 4:1 Clear (orange inside) mixing tip, 48/pk

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