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Cosmetic & Restoration

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C&B Prompt™ 10:1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Exceptional strength and abrasion resistance

Defined elastic phase for easy removal
Leak-free preparationaTrue color stable Vita shades with natural fluorescence
Minimal heat (= body temp.) during polymerization
Easy to polish to a long lasting luster

Dual-Barrel Syringe with Mixing Tip

A new patented dual-barrel syringe mixing system designed for effortless manual mixing and dispensing of 2-component materials. The separated barrels of the syringe and the unique over-molded soft plastic material located inside the sealing insert effectively prevent cross-contamination of the two components. The system is suitable for any dental applications that require 2 components to mix and accurate dispensing. The polypropylene syringes are available in 5 ml capacity, and in 1:1 and 4:1 ratios.

ProDose™ Disposable Tubes & Plugs

Easy to load
Dispense cement or composite
Restore with minimal voids and porosities
Can be used with syringes on the market
Photo-blocking brown tint extends the life of light-activated materials
Material mixture accessible, eliminating pad-to-mouth motion

OptiComp™ Nano Universal Nanohybrid Composites

Lifelike restoration with very high radiopacity
Effortless handling, provides long working time
Available in both syringe and capsule
Fluoride-releasing, caries protection
Superior strength and high wear resistance
Polish retention and high luster
Minimal post-sensitivity and tooth-stress

C&B Prompt™ Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 1:1


Easy handling and polishing
Improved precision of application
Lifelike restoration with natural translucency
Excellent resistance to fracture

OptiFlow™ II, Flowable Composites, LC

Resin based, low viscosity flowable light cure
composite. Natural translucency, high radiopacity
and great controlled flowability. Also available
with high viscosity.

PacCem Plus™ Permanent Cement

Good for inlays and onlays
Permanent results

Prevents enamel decalcification

Bonds to dentin & enamel
Caries protection

PacSeal™ Pit & Fissure Sealant

Wet-bonding resin technology
Seals against microleakage
No drying or bonding agents required
Quick and easy syringe delivery

PacEtch™ Etching Gel

Can be used for etching enamel and glass ionomer cement
Included pre-bent  needles offer precise placement of gel

PacTemp™ Automix NE with Releasing Agent


Minimal post-sensitivity
Strong bonding
Excellent marginal seal
Exceptionally easy to handle
Thin film thickness
X-ray opacity
Negligible solubility
No interference with cementation
Good reproducibility of working time

ProCore™ Dual Cure Core Build-Up

Superior stackability for ease of use
Superior strength
Cuts and wears like dentin
20-second cure with light
Unique intra-oral dispensing tips

Pac Desensitizer™ Desensitizer

Easy application
Glutaraldehyde to seal the open dentinal tubules
Triclosan for the reduction of bacteria
Amino-fluoride for remineralization

Pac Bond™ Adhesive

Penetrates deep into dentin tubules for a long-lasting bond
Clinically proven total-etch adhesive providing a strong and durable bond
Available in 7 ml bottle or unit-doses

OptiComp™ Universal Restorative Resin-Based Composites, LC

Does not slump, stays where it is placed
Easy to handle and pack
Resists sticking to instruments
Wide range of true Vita shades

Mixing Sticks

White plastic mixing sticks with two differently shaped spatula heads for various mixing purposes