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Cosmetic & Restoration

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iMatrix™ Sectional Matrix System

Tilted NiTi spring for outstanding strength, memory and easier stacking

Reinforced tines for exceptional retention and adaptation

M-shaped tines conform to wedge profile

Pronounced marginal ridge for correct anatomical form

Unique undercut ring design improves durability

Will not collapse into wide cavities

C&B Prompt™ 10:1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Exceptional strength and abrasion resistance

Defined elastic phase for easy removal
Leak-free preparationaTrue color stable Vita shades with natural fluorescence
Minimal heat (= body temp.) during polymerization
Easy to polish to a long lasting luster

Dual-Barrel Syringe with Mixing Tip

A new patented dual-barrel syringe mixing system designed for effortless manual mixing and dispensing of 2-component materials. The separated barrels of the syringe and the unique over-molded soft plastic material located inside the sealing insert effectively prevent cross-contamination of the two components. The system is suitable for any dental applications that require 2 components to mix and accurate dispensing. The polypropylene syringes are available in 5 ml capacity, and in 1:1 and 4:1 ratios.

ProDose™ Disposable Tubes & Plugs

Easy to load
Dispense cement or composite
Restore with minimal voids and porosities
Can be used with syringes on the market
Photo-blocking brown tint extends the life of light-activated materials
Material mixture accessible, eliminating pad-to-mouth motion

OptiComp™ Nano Universal Nanohybrid Composites

Lifelike restoration with very high radiopacity
Effortless handling, provides long working time
Available in both syringe and capsule
Fluoride-releasing, caries protection
Superior strength and high wear resistance
Polish retention and high luster
Minimal post-sensitivity and tooth-stress

C&B Prompt™ Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 1:1


Easy handling and polishing
Improved precision of application
Lifelike restoration with natural translucency
Excellent resistance to fracture

OptiFlow™ II, Flowable Composites, LC

Resin based, low viscosity flowable light cure
composite. Natural translucency, high radiopacity
and great controlled flowability. Also available
with high viscosity.

PacCem Plus™ Permanent Cement

Good for inlays and onlays
Permanent results

Prevents enamel decalcification

Bonds to dentin & enamel
Caries protection

PacSeal™ Pit & Fissure Sealant

Wet-bonding resin technology
Seals against microleakage
No drying or bonding agents required
Quick and easy syringe delivery

PacEtch™ Etching Gel

Can be used for etching enamel and glass ionomer cement
Included pre-bent  needles offer precise placement of gel

PacTemp™ Automix NE with Releasing Agent


Minimal post-sensitivity
Strong bonding
Excellent marginal seal
Exceptionally easy to handle
Thin film thickness
X-ray opacity
Negligible solubility
No interference with cementation
Good reproducibility of working time

ProCore™ Dual Cure Core Build-Up

Superior stackability for ease of use
Superior strength
Cuts and wears like dentin
20-second cure with light
Unique intra-oral dispensing tips

Pac Desensitizer™ Desensitizer

Easy application
Glutaraldehyde to seal the open dentinal tubules
Triclosan for the reduction of bacteria
Amino-fluoride for remineralization

Pac Bond™ Adhesive

Penetrates deep into dentin tubules for a long-lasting bond
Clinically proven total-etch adhesive providing a strong and durable bond
Available in 7 ml bottle or unit-doses

OptiComp™ Universal Restorative Resin-Based Composites, LC

Does not slump, stays where it is placed
Easy to handle and pack
Resists sticking to instruments
Wide range of true Vita shades