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Burs & Accessories

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Most Popular Carbide Burs

Pac-Dent offers FG, FGSS, FGOS, RA (LA) and HP burs. Our pre-sterilized surgical length burs provide advanced infection control. Non-sterilized pack is also available.

Crown Prep Burs

Pac-Dent crown prep bur cuts quickly and smoothly through enamel without clogging with debris like amalgam, composite and other restorations during the bulk reduction task in crown preparation. These high performance crown prep burs are comparable to SS white® Great White™ Ultra series. Each package contains 5 pieces.

Diamond Burs

Pac-Dent's pre-sterilized, individually-packed diamond burs are made by natural diamonds for superior cutting efficiency and advanced infection control. Each package contains 25 pieces. Contact us for the complete list of available shapes.

Zirconia Burs

Zirconia diamond burs are specialty diamond burs designed to simplify procedures involving Zirconia, Alumina & Porcelain. They feature advanced engineered diamond particles bonding, leading to higher efficiency of zirconia or ceramic restorations removal and longer service life.

FG Carbide Burs

Premium quality carbide burs with higher concentricity, faster and smoother cutting and improved finishing. Each package contains 10 or 100 pieces. Contact us for the complete list of available shapes.

Trimming & Finishing Burs

A series of premium quality trimming and finishing burs, feature the same outstanding characteristics of FG carbide burs. 7 series are 12-braded, 9 series are 30-braded. Each package contains 10 or 100 pieces.

Crown Cutting Burs

Pac-Dent gold crown cutting bur has greater efficiency on cutting the hardest dental materials including semi-precious metal, amalgam and composite. PD1 and PD2 are comparable to SSWhite®'s GW1 and GW2. Each package contains 10 or 100 pieces.

Bur Cleaning Brush

Telescopic adjustable handle with brass wire bristles.

Plastic Bur Dispenser

Holds 12 FG burs or 8 FG + 4 RA burs in a variety of colors. All are autoclavable up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. Specify color when ordering.

Magnetic Bur Blocks

Provides convenient storage for all types of rotary instruments. Holds up to 24 burs. Autoclavable, chemicalvable.

Diamond Turbo Burs

Turbos with diamond-free cooling zones to gather and feed spray water directly to diamond particles, resulting in faster and cooler cutting with minimal clogging and tooth trauma

HP Diamond Burs

Made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion free shanks, the premium quality HP diamond burs feature superior cutting efficiency with minimal vibration. All popular shapes are available satisfying your various applications.