Automatic Water Dispenser

Automatic Water Dispenser
Product Details

    This automatic water pump provides easy one-touch water dispensing and is perfect
    for both home or outdoors use. Made from BPA-free plastic, food grade silicone, and
    304-rated stainless steel, this dispenser ensures the safety and purity of your drinking
    water. Built-in rechargeable battery allows convenient dispensing of four 5-gallon bottles
    on a single charge. This dispenser does not fit on screw-top or uncapped bottles.

    ● Convenient one-touch water dispensing
    ● Made with BPA-free plastic and food good silicone
    ● Fits all capped bottles with a 2.16 in (5.5 cm) neck
    ● USB charging cable included 

    Automatic Water Dispenser Contents:
    ● Silicone tube
    ● USB charging cable
    ● Metal Spout
    ● Product user manual




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