Armor™ Disposable Car Seat Sleeves

Armor™ Disposable Car Seat Sleeves
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    Armor Disposable Car Seat Sleeves have been specifically engineered to protect your car seats from dust, fluids, and cross-contamination. Made from a hypoallergenic copolymer fillm, these protective sleeves have been independently tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards for bacterial and viral penetration resistance, material strength, and biocompatibility. Built to slip on easily and remain in place, these sleeves provide effective and economical protection against cross-contamination, dust, grime, and moisture. They also fit most office and dining chairs.

    ● Protects from cross-contamination
    ● Hypoallergenic and 100% latex free
    ● Made of premium quality copolymer film 

    ● Slips on effortlessly and remains in place





    Please note: Prices may vary depending upon regional differences and individual manufacturers’ policies. Before placing orders, please contact your authorized dealer or email us at for pricing details. All sales of PPE products are final and not eligible for return due to Covid-19. 

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    • TC-48 Type: Disposable car seat sleeves, 48pc/box

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