Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials

Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials
Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials
Rodin™ 3D Resin Printing Materials
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    All of the Rodin™ 3D Resin printing materials are FDA-registered medical devices and have been successfully tested for biocompatibility.

    Rodin™ Sculpture is a revolutionary breakthrough in digitally printed dental materials. Its nanohybrid ceramic formulation possesses superior mechanical characteristics and esthetic properties allow technicians to produce life-like permanent restorations on par with those made with traditional materials while streamlining the production process and reducing manufacturing costs. Rodin™ 3D Resin is FDA 510k cleared as a Class II medical device and fulfills all necessary regulatory requirements for use in both permanent and temporary dental restorations. Printing with Rodin presents numerous advantages to both practitioners and patients over other leading digital dental materials. Rodin™’s best-in-class radiopacity provide dentists with superior X-ray clarity, while its highest concentration of true ceramic fillers ensures maximal fracture resistance and minimizes repair visits. Patients, on the other hand, enjoy fewer dental visits and high comfort from the resin’s predictable fit and low temperature transfer.

    Rodin™ Surgical Guide material has high strength mechanical properties and is resistant to chemicals, making it the optimal choice for the creation of full-arch and quadrant surgical guides.

    Rodin™ Splint is a strong, tough and durable resin suitable for all types of splints, night guards and retainers.

    Rodin™ Bite Tray is a biocompatible Class I dental material suitable for printing custom bite trays and impression trays. It is rigid and is compatible with all types of impression materials. 

    Rodin™ Model material is specifically formulated to prevent settling of pigments, build strong models for thermo-forming and has ultra-low shrinkage for dimensional accuracy of models, even when built using 100z microns. The resin has an ultra-fast cure rate of approximately 2.36in/hr (60mm/hr) at 100z.

    Rodin™ Ortho IBT is highly flexible yet durable for printing indirect bonding trays. Orthodontists can easily place all the brackets at once, saving time at the chair.

    Rodin™ Denture Base is a biocompatible Class II material suitable for printing all types of dentures bases. Its high strength and low shrinkage properties produce excellent fitting denture bases.

    Rodin™ Try-In material is intended for producing Try-In denture models prior to printing the final denture base and teeth.

    Rodin™ Castable Resin is used in the process of lost-wax casting of metal devices.

    ● Rodin™ Sculpture ceramic nanohybrid is available in 3 configurations: 1.2 kg, 600 g, and 300 g.

    ● All other Rodin™ 3D Resin materials are available in 1 kg packaging.
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  • 3DR-CNR Type: Rodin™ Sculpture Ceramic Nanohybrid
  • 3DR-DB-OR Type: Rodin™ Denture Base
  • 3DR-SPLINT Type: Rodin™ Splint
  • 3DR-TRAY Type: Rodin™ Bite Tray
  • 3DR-SG Type: Rodin™ Surgical Guide
  • 3DR-TI Type: Rodin™ Try In
  • 3DR-CAST Type: Rodin™ Castable
  • 3DR-TAN Type: Rodin™ Model

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